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Swimming Carnival

  We were lucky to hold our annual Swimming Carnival at Manly Boy Charlton Pool before remaining school events for Term 1 were cancelled. Congratulations to all the champions and to the spectators for their participation and enthusiasm.

Santa Teresa Mufti Day

Wednesday was pj day! After weeks of online learning logging into MS Teams for all their lessons in their uniforms, the girls on site on Wednesday decided they needed a mufti day. With so many of our social justice initiatives either cancelled or put on hold, the girls wanted to...

Social distancing in the Classroom

With only one Year group on site each day, social distancing and extra hygiene in the classroom has been easy to achieve. This Year 9 Science class was busy researching volcanoes.

Year 8 Japanese Origami Workshop

The Year 8 Japanese students were treated to an Origami Workshop on Wednesday 4 March. The Japanese Origami Artist ,Ms Midori Furze, taught the students how to make a koala (a mum & a baby, very KAWAII) and a fan with a beautiful tassel. Her presentation about the Origami art...